Pop Culture: Why Do We Like Bursting Bubble Wrap

Pop Culture: Why Do We Like Bursting Bubble Wrap?

Although it is simply used to help protect any items you have packed away and sent for delivery, it is difficult to find anyone who cannot resist grabbing a sheet of bubble wrap and popping every single capsule. Whether you like squeezing each pod one by one to hear the individual snap of the air pocket, or you enjoy twisting the whole sheet in one go to create an orchestrated pop, bubble wrap is everybody’s kryptonite.

But what makes it so addictive that we just have to sit there squeezing it until every last pocket has been burst? Here are a few reasons why people go bonkers for bubble wrap:

A Great Stress Reliever

After a long, arduous day at work when nothing seems to have gone to plan, blowing off some steam is your first priority. But rather than going to the gym or relaxing with a glass of vino, many find solace in taking out the day’s angst on a sheet of bubble wrap. Crushing the pocket of air is very therapeutic – so much that so that in Japan, scientists have created an electronic equivalent for the nation’s “salarymen” to help them relieve stress on the job!

The Noise

This one seems ridiculous – but if you try to find anyone that dislikes that noise associated with bubble wrap, you’ll end up falling short. That high-pitched squeal that’s released as your forceful thumb pops the capsule is enough to bring out a cheeky snigger and smile from even the most hard-up person.

Causing Utter Destruction

The whole reason you squeeze bubble wrap is to break it, once those pods have been burst the sheet of wrap is no longer fit for work. It might sound slightly sinister, but people thrive on breaking such a simple product – especially when you can destroy a large number of bubbles in one go, depending on your technique. The satisfaction of destroying something without causing any major consequence is second to none.

Size Doesn’t Matter

For some forms of entertainment, the old adage “the bigger, the better” is usually apparent but when it comes to bubble wrap, that idea goes straight out the window. Whether you have an A4 sheet with small pods, or an industrial sized roll with pockets that will create a canyon-sized hole once burst, all bubble wrap is equally as fun to pop.

Your Ancestral Instinct

Arguably the most far-fetched of all of the bubble wrap addiction theories, our need to squeeze and squash the air filled pods may have been developed throughout evolution. It is said that the urges come from our ape ancestors and that the idea of bursting bubble wrap stems from squishing bugs and grooming one another. Sounds like someone has been overthinking it slightly, don’t you agree?

Whatever the reasons may be, no-one can resist bursting bubble wrap. But before you pop every pod going, make sure nobody needs to use it for packaging!